Our Story

Picture: Lauren Storey Photography

There once was a mama who grew up deep in the Aussie bush but then found herself raising her own little roos among an entirely different kind of critter - Sydneysiders!

While my growing family adores our adopted home, part of us will always long for days spent rambling through the North Queensland rainforest.

Rowdy Roo was born at the same time as my littlest babe for who this Aussie label is named. 

My lifelong love of all things Australiana, desire to provide the best I can for my littles by choosing organic and ethically made and a bestie who just happens to be a talented artist all came together to create Rowdy Roo.

The artworks of mother and baby animals embracing came straight from our mama hearts.

When I first had a baby I had endless questions. What do they want? Why are they crying and why, oh why won't they sleep?

And there was only ever one answer. 

These designs are our love notes to our babies and yours.

They represent all the times our arms went numb and our hearts felt ready to burst as we surrendered to the endless snuggles. 

Because during those long, long days and fleeting years that we spend raising our little ones, it is the time we spend holding them close that will stay with us always.

Love Emily xo

Picture: Lauren Storey Photography