Our Artist

Photographer: Hayley Price Images

Picture: Hayley Prices Images

Down a winding dirt road, in a picture perfect Queenslander home surrounded by rolling cane fields dwells our resident artist Penny. 

Penny and I have been best mates since we were little roos ourselves, bouncing from one kind of mischief to the next.

When she's not busy raising her joeys Nina and Lain and creating wonders on canvas or paper, Penny can be found tending to her formidable veggie patch or even behind the wheel of a tractor.

Penny's love of nature was nurtured through her idyllic rural upbringing and travels to some of the world's most incredible locations.

Together with her husband Niall, Penny spent a year completing the great Aussie lap in their trusty ute and they've just recently returned from living and working in the Canadian prairies.